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Jay Koh is an experienced sales and marketing leader with a passion for blockchain and emerging technologies. He has over two decades of industry experience in managing sales teams, growing customer bases, and executing sales programs. He is also adept at launching and marketing new businesses, and delivering profitable solutions to customers.Jay has a wide range of expertise in various domains such as Metaverse, Gamefi, Community building, Blockchain, Digital Currency, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), blockchain Consultant & Adviser, Investment sales, and international business development. He is a trusted connector of ICOs and investors, a NFT marketplace and Defi advisor, market research, and business matching specialist.Jay is the founder of Kryptoia, a blockchain advisory firm that helps companies and individuals leverage the power of blockchain technology. He is also the founder of Singapore Blockchain Club, a network of blockchain enthusiasts and professionals. Moreover, he is a founding board VP of the Association Blockchain Asia (ABA), a platform for blockchain collaboration and innovation. Jay is a recognized expert in blockchain and digital currency, and he shares his knowledge and insights through various channels.Jay is also a dedicated blockchain consultant who supports various blockchain projects in achieving their objectives. He provides strategic, marketing, and business development advice and guidance to help projects overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Jay is driven by his vision of fostering the growth and success of the blockchain ecosystem, and his advisory role is a key contribution to that vision.