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Long Term Support Committees


At ABA, our vision is to become the leading blockchain association for industry experts across all sectors. To achieve this, we are establishing a global Industry committee, which will include sector-specific committees led by blockchain technology experts covering each of the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®) by MCSI. This will ensure that ABA is able to provide specialized and relevant support to industry professionals, enabling them to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology and stay ahead of the curve. By building a network of experts from diverse sectors and industries, ABA is poised to become the go-to destination for businesses and individuals looking to tap into the potential of blockchain technology.

ABA Founding Board, ABA Advisors and Ambassadors

The ABA Founding Board is comprised of visionary members who were instrumental in conceiving the idea of setting up an Asian-wide association with a focus on promoting blockchain technology. Drawing on their deep industry expertise and foresight, the Board has developed a robust structure and governance system that will apply across all future ABA chapters. The vision of the Founding Board is to establish ABA as the Association of Associations, bringing together leading organizations and professionals from across the region to drive the adoption and advancement of blockchain technology. By leveraging their collective expertise and influence, the Founding Board aims to position ABA as the premier platform for blockchain innovation and collaboration in the region and beyond

Founding Board Members

Anthony Koh


Mike Chiam

Vice President -Governance

Jay Koh

Vice President - Events Partnerships

Goh Seh Harn

Vice President - Industry Liaison & Members

Ivan Lew

Vice President without Portfolio

Lim Soon Ying

Travis Ye


Dr Lilian Koh


Arabella Kim


Manal Rifki


Rebecca Poon







Lionel Chok




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