ABA Blockchain Academy

ABA has officially partner with Blockchain Academy to provide Web3 educational courses to all our members.

Below is a list of those courses our ABA members can have access to:

      • Blockchain Foundations
      • Blockchain & Bitcoin Intensive
      • Blockchain Essentials for Lawmakers
      • Key Management
      • Web3 Foundations
      • Hedera Hasgraph Enterprise Strategist
      • Certified Hedera Hasgraph Developer
      • Algorand Enterprise Strategist
      • Certified Algorand Developer
      • Crypto Trading Course
      • Crypto Trading Competition (as an event, this is not always visible on the course grid)

Members can attend through this Registration Page

Accompanied by case-sensitive Access Code which will be provided to members

Once a member is registered, they can either go to the registration page again, or they can use this Login Page

All  course-completion and credential certificate NFT can be issued (optional) to all has completed the Couse.

This credential certificate is issue by both Blockchain Academy and ABA.